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SPBangalore: 22nd Nov, 2014 Session Update – Delve(SharePoint Online new feature) Info

Today, we had very good sessions at Microsoft Signature Building, Bangalore.  Around 40 people attended to the sessions.  This is our second event from SP Bangalore. First Session was about SharePoint 2013 Search Architecture, speaker was Anil Sivaram from ITC … Continue reading

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SP Bangalore Event @ Microsoft Building, Bangalore India – Speaking on SharePoint 2013 Display Templates

I am speaking at SP Bangalore Event at Microsoft Building, Bangalore, India on the topic of SharePoint 2013 Search Customization using Display Templates.  Please Join me. You can register for the event using following link Getting started with SharePoint 2013 … Continue reading

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How to: Get List Data using REST and JQuery – SharePoint 2013

This article is inspiration from Corey Roth’s article “How to: Query SharePoint 2013 using REST and Javascript“, where REST api is used to get the search results from the search textbox input. Here we are querying the list data using … Continue reading

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How to: Find Unique Permissions for Sub-sites, Lists and Libs article on TechNet Wiki

How to get unique permissions for sites/lists/libraries for Office 365/SharePoint 2013 On-Prem Please download the code from the link. Unique Permissions for Site/List/Libraries – Office 365/SharePoint 2013 On-Prem

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SharePoint Online (O365): PowerShell Script to get Workflow status

SharePoint Online supports only fewer PowerShell commands to do the tasks.  There are about 30 commands only available.  Please refer to the following article for list of commands. Introduction to the SharePoint Online Management Shell One of the daunting task … Continue reading

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